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SNAKES! It is that time of year.

As you all know it is the desert out there and when it gets warm, we get snakes. Please dress accordingly and take percautions as required.

The snake in the picture is a Mojave Green and for some reason they love to come visit when you are working equipment. I think they feel the vibrations and come looking for food but, it puts them in contact with us. They can be aggressive and their poison is very dangerous.

Here is a link to a good website on the snake:

Ofcourse we also have multiple other Rattle Snakes and a few that are non-poisonous. So take some time and look over the photos.

GPAA Memberships Available

The LVGPAA is proud to announce it now has GPAA Membership kits on hand for new members! The one year price is $84.50 plus a $7.50 handling fee. Membership and kits are available at all meetings and formal outings.

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